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Are you suffering from acute or chronic pain? If you’ve been injured in a sport or at work, or if daily life is causing you stress, our massages are the ultimate relief for your body. The goal behind our massages is to reinvigorate your mind and soul as you relax. In our expert hands, you'll escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Take away the stress from your body and mind with our relaxing massage services



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We suggest you first schedule a relaxing massage to begin the therapeutic process. Here at Le Bijou Salon and Spa in

Cape Coral, FL, our highly qualified massage therapists will then recommend additional treatment best suited for your body to provide maximum results.

55 per hour


Specialized massage bolsters are used in conjunction with specifically trained therapist for your enhanced relaxation. Benefits of the prenatal massage will include relieving head-aches and sinus congestion, alleviating back- aches, leg cramps and sciatic pain. Massage also helps with swelling, insomnia and prevention of anemia. Please ask about our prenatal 9 month package or maternal magic spa retreat.

Chair Massage

1.50 per minute

This can be used for corporate offices, events, outings, parties, your home and practically anywhere. Le Bijou Salon and Spa will provide you with a professional massage therapist for

any event.

Myofacial Release

55 per hour

The purpose of a deep myofacial release is to release restrictions (barriers) within the deepest layer of the fascia. This is accomplished by a stretching of the cross links and changing the viscosity of the ground sub-stace of the fascia.


45 per 30 minutes

A massage therapist uses hands only to apply gentle pressure to the feet. For each person the application to the therapy is unique. Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet, and by working these points the massage therapist can release blockages and restore the free flow energy to the whole body. Tension is improved. The gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself at its own pace, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse.

Rolling Wave Massage

45 per hour

Techniques include compression to stimulate circulation and loosen bulky, hypertonic muscles; friction to reduce fibrosis and adhesion. PNF techniques to reduce hyper tonicity and muscle spasms; stretching or BMT to increase the range of motion; trigger point therapy to reduce pain and anxious reflex arcs.

Signature Massage

45 per hour

Lengthening or fractioning of the muscles as well as the active and passive movements to the joints.




Rolling Wave

75 for 90 minutes

Releases chronic patterns of tensions in the body through slow strokes and finger pressure on contacted areas, either following or going across the grain of the muscles and tendons. Specific conditions le, low back, neck and shoulder, sciatica, bursitis and muscle spasms.

Couples Massage


It is all about a shared experience - a great way to connect with someone - one hour service each person; with two therapists. Complimentary aromatherapy, chocolate strawberries

and champagne.

Paraffin Treatment


This​ is a deep heat treatment, utilizing paraffin.

Herbal Elixir Heat Compress


Moist heat treatment using hot packs on your body. This comforting treatment will help melt away those deep-seated knots.

Massage Enhancements

Aromatherapy - essential oils to penetrate deeply into the tissue amplifying the benefits of the massage itself with subtle essences to relax the senses.



Package A

2 Deluxe massages and 2 Europian facials.

(Must be used by the same person)


Package B

Buy any 4 or more massages at 35.

Package C

4 separate one-hour facials. ''Must be used within 4 months of purchase. ''


Themed Packages

Spa Pedicure/ Manicure


Holiday break

European Facial


Body Scrub Massage


Holiday sampler

Spa Mani


Paraffin Pedicure


Shampoo Blow Dry


His holiday escape

Sports Mani


Sports Pedi


Sports Massage


Sports Therapeutic Facial


Holiday beauty gift

Partial Hi-Lites/ Shampoo, Cut and Blow-Dry


Serene Spa Retreat


Le Bijou Salon and Spa manicure, paraffin pedicure, European facial, Deluxe massage and aromatherapy, shampoo and blow-dry.


Maternal Enchantment Spa Retreat


Le Bijou Salon and Spa manicure, Le Bijou pedicure, European facial, prenatal massage, shampoo and blow-dry.

Le Bijou Bridal Retreat


Relaxing paraffin manicure, paraffin pedicure, European facial, Deluxe massage, up-do, continental breakfast or lunch.


Relaxing paraffin manicure

Paraffin pedicure  

Deluxe massage  

European facial


The Absolute Spa Retreat


Le Bijou Salon and Spa manicure, paraffin pedicure, four-layer facial, salt glow, toning body wrap, with aromatherapy. Shampoo and blow-dry.

Little Miss Birthday Package

Shape and polish, express pedicure, hairstyle, birthday. ''Package for 5 girls ages 6-13. ''

Getaway Spa Haven


Spa manicure, spa pedicure, European facial, shampoo and blow-dry.

Gentlemen's Gateway


Spa manicure, spa pedicure, deep tissue massage, and men's therapeutic facial.

Athletic Spa Retreat


Le Bijou manicure, Le Bijou pedicure, peppermint sea twist sport massage with herbal elixir compress or cold compress, shampoo and blow-dry.

Classic Spa Retreat


Royal spa manicure, paraffin pedicure, European facial, stone massage, shampoo and blow-dry.

Complete Spa Retreat


Le Bijou manicure, paraffin, pedicure, European facial, Swedish massage with herbal, meltdown, shampoo and blow-dry.

Introductory hydrofacial for only $99 or substitute for a four-layer facial for an additional $34.


75 for 90 minutes

Choice of peppermint mask or paraffin